Excited Because

1. One month from today, I will be on my way to JAPAN.

2. I got a new passport last week. With my new name. (But now all the old stamps are gone.)

3. I set a new personal bowling record last week - 168! Yesssssss.
And now my name shows up on the "Lane Record" screen for Lane 3 at the Ute Lanes.

4. A friend's mom called me "domestic" on Saturday. Ha! Should I have told her that we had no cheese grater for 7 months?

5. We now have a cheese grater. Nothing else can really do what a cheese grater does, you know?

6. General Conference is this weekend. And I will be in Arizona for it. (I hope.)

7. Dann and Brian won!!!

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Carolyn said...

excellent! I seriously want to do this because I want to talk to someome about the books I read! So what are you currently reading? I have some book lists that I want to make it through, but I think that we should see what we haven't already read. What is your email? That way I can make a list of a few books I want to read coming up and you can make a list and we will decide from there! Sound good? You up to it? hehe:)