I got 50 votes

-if you count the provisional ballots that Slice and I cast.

(They didn't count them.)

In this race, that means I go on to the general election!


Fig said...

You're kidding me. Does no one show up to vote in the Roos? Shouldn't be a surprise, I guess.

Congratulations! (and good luck in the general!) Rachel Edd FTW.

The Farrers said...

Congratulations! You're amazing!

T.R. Morgan said...

Before the general I would hope that you and Dorian get valid ID so that your votes will count. Good Job.

amy morgan said...


Jean said...

Yeah - isn't it ridiculous that 50 votes gets me through the primaries?

But I was fourth, the guys after me got 32 and 17 votes.

(Dave Labrum got 148.)

TR, we're working on that.