now I just need a house to remodel

Can we talk about Antonio for a minute?

What's that? Oh yeah, I talk about whatever I want to here. (I love that.)

Well. If you've been reading this for very long -or if you know me- you should know that I detest television in almost all of its forms.

But then we discovered HGTV.

It started with Property Virgins and My First Place because, obviously, we relate to them the most. Then we moved on to Unsellables and Deserving Design, Carter Can, $250,000 Challenge, Dear Genevieve ... pretty much whatever happens to be on the network at any given time. I saw ads for Design Star and decided to record it, so we could watch the episodes sometime during the week. (Why are the best shows always on Sundays? Hate that.)

The DVR didn't work at first, so we only caught the last two challenges of Design Star. But, oh! How we loved it! And how we love Antonio!

Pretty much he's the man - maybe because he is also a man's man - and his hosting is so REAL. He is so vastly different from anything we've seen on HGTV, now I'm wondering how we didn't see it before. He laughs, he cries, he makes jokes, and most importantly, he makes beautiful rooms.

The Antonio Project already has at least two enthusiastic fans.


amy morgan said...

Make that 3 fans! He was my pick from the VERY FIRST episode of Design Star!! Had he not won - I might've boycotted HGTV!
Who am I kidding . . . that never would've happened! But still, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Antonio!

Anonymous said...

I ADORE Antonio! I can't believe that people don't like him--he's WONDERFUL! I'm glad that I'm not alone in my adoration of him.

Jean said...

I'm glad we're not alone, either! Good to know!