I know some people are pretty passionate about this, but

I have no preference when it comes to Miracle Whip and Mayo. I can't even tell a difference between them. Truly.

I think every student in the nation should have heard that speech yesterday.

I love BYU. A lot. Even when the sports teams lose, and I have to listen to snarky comments from my in-laws. (Oh wait. I have to listen to those even when they WIN.)

I find it completely absurd that people will ask couples point-blank about their "family plans." Isn't that private? Like, is there anything more private than that? I know we're all curious, but when they ask those questions, do they want to hear the real answers?

Thoughts? Opinions?


The Farrers said...

Miracle Whip, hands down. Light, to be specific.

T.R. Morgan said...

Original Miracle Whip. You can't beat the tangy zip of Kraft Miracle Whip!

Fig said...

Miracle Whip is the devil's own condiment. Sick.

I actually have issues with BYU, but whatevs. Good on you for supporting your alma mater.

Unfortunately, the easiest way to deal with nosy tactless people is to be straight-up. It's like letting them win, but it's better than being touchy about the subject and letting it ruin your day. When people asked me, I told them the truth.

(Okay, sometimes I told them we were waiting to see if the marriage would work out, or that we weren't sure how sex works. Couldn't help myself.)

Tay said...

You could be like my lds family professor and tell the nosy ones that you and/or your husband are/is afraid of sex. They will never ask again.

Miracle whip is sweeter, so it sometimes doesn't taste so good on a sandwich.

Linnea said...

Okay - I also have no real preference on Miracle Whip and Mayonanise. That I know of, at least. I buy Kraft Fat Free Mayonnaise, but I doubt I would notice if someone switched it out. I mean, I spread like a teaspoon onto my bread with a sandwich. Hardly enough to enough taste it. ;-)
Good ole BYU. I often have issues with people who have issues with BYU. But whatever. ;-) I enjoy a good sports game, but I'm no die hard fan.
I also hate when people ask about family plans. Hate it. I think it is so rude, and oh wait - yes - everyone does it. Sigh. Actually, what I'll often say when people ask is "Not right now, but we sure are practicing a lot." It generally makes people feel really awkward and shuts them up.
The other question I really really hate is "How's married life?" Um...hi - I might be married, but I still have a lot of other aspects to my life. I never ask you how single life is. Blah.

Jean said...

I haven't actually had anyone ask me about my plans - except my doctor and my insurance agent, and neither one offended me.

I have been asked if I was pregnant several times, though. Ha.

I just think it's weird that people will ask that. So weird.

Fig said...

Lucky you ... but just wait. If you get past the two-year mark childless, you will NEVER hear the end of it.

Fig said...

I sometimes ask people ... but, like, my best friends kind of people. And definitely not in a "dude, get on it already" way, just in a friendly, genuinely interested kind of way.

I'd never ask casual acquaintances or people I had just met two minutes ago, or ask in a judgey way (all of which have happened to me, many times). I don't know why people do. It's weird.

Linnea said...

Oh - and I forgot to comment on the Obama part - I guess because I was going off of everyone else's comments to structure my own, and no one else mentioned it.
I totally agree. I think it was ridiculous that so many school districts refused to show it.

amy morgan said...

My dearest Rachel . . . love you even more now.

ToMAYO, ToMIRACLEWHIP. Either way, you've just added unnecessary calories ;) Not that I'm counting, but still.

I, too, think every student in America should've seen/heard the speech.

Don't tell your in-laws, especially the snarky ones,but I cheer for BYU too! :) I have to do it quietly, though, or else the snarky gets too hard to live with.

And, finally, I also agree with your feelings about people "gettin' all up in other people's business". Always an uncomfortable situation when confronted with these questions.

Thanks for allowing me to air my opinions!

B said...

I dont care what anyone says but butter on the bread is the best. with lots of mustard!!!

B said...

And as far as people being in your business...I hate how they say they just want too know because they care about you and you should be greatful that someone actually cares. But as far as in your business...You do write a blog!