Today I'm wishing (a photoessay)

Today I'm wishing I was in Milan with Angie

visiting the magnificent Duomo.

Shopping at the ultra-fashionable stores,

Begging the guy at the market to pose for a picture,
walking through the 15th-century castle and napping in the park behind it.

I would love to see Da Vinci's Last Supper again,

listen to Mozart's Requiem in a cathedral (where there aren't enough seats to accomodate everyone),

and eat the best pizza you could ever imagine.

'Course, only an hour's train ride away, there is a beautiful little town built around a beautiful lake.
In that town there's a McDonald's (like everywhere else in Europe) with free bathrooms. There's also a little chocolate shop where you can get Italian hot chocolate - which is just what it sounds like, melted chocolate in a parfait glass served with biscuits- and warm up for an hour or so. It is so decadent.
Back at the hotel, I'd dye my hair.

Because years later, that hair is all going to be gone.

But the memories won't.


Fig said...

That picture at the top is, like, breathtaking. Holy cow. Did you take that?

Jean said...

I did! With my old Powershot, which I love.
I didn't realize how cool it was until I looked at it again.