Book of Morgan Chapter 2

1. And it came to pass in those days, that there went out a decree from the Utah Education Association that all the world should have a two-day vacation.

2. (And this vacation was to take place October 1 – 2, 2009.)

3. And all went on vacation, every one into his own place.

4. And the Morgans also went up from Roosevelt, out of the Uintah Basin, into Moab, which is on the way to Arizona; (because they took a wrong turn and drove 45 miles out of the way – into Colorado – thus adding much time to their drive)

5. To find a place to sleep. And it was past eleven o'clock at night.

6. And behold, there were nearly an hundred hotels and motels in the town of Moab; nevertheless, they were ALL FULL. BECAUSE THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE WERE IN MOAB FOR THE WEEKEND. And the Morgans stopped at hotel after hotel, searching for a "No Vacancy" sign, and asking hotel clerks for any empty rooms.

7. And they had called many hotels beforehand, asking for open rooms and prices, being unsuccessful in their endeavors.

8. And Jean was very unhappy, having not had much sleep for several consecutive days, and still being disgruntled about missing the turn-off to Moab the first time.

9. But Slice, being a good husband, and also sympathetic towards his wife (although she was not great with child) - or in other words, not wishing to bear the grumpiness of her for much longer - found a hotel with a room open; yea, and he did beg the lady at the desk to give them a discount, and she did.

10. And thus ended the month of September for the Morgans.


Fig said...

It is all for the sake of you traversing in the land of Colorado; for lo, it is an evil land wherein dwelleth Lucifer. And Lucifer caused the remainder of your travels to be cursed, because you entered into the land of Colorado, which is a land of many curses.


T.R. Morgan said...

Don't let Amy know that you stole her Blog's name.

Linnea said...

I really thought you were going to say you had to stop and sleep in a stable. Glad you found a hotel.

lady jane said...

I am glad you didn't have to sleep in the stable because there was no room at an inn. Also, I'm glad you got a discount. Everyone and their dog must have been in Moab, is it really that big? I like how you did your blog all biblical style.

Pictures are coming, correct? Also, how are the Japan plans coming?

ALSO, last but not least, I don't know if I have properly thanked you for you-know-what. I LOVE IT!! I will send you another goody in the mail to make up for that.

amy morgan said...

And it came to pass that I was grateful that ye findeth a place to lieth thine head. And that from henceforth, ye keepeth an spare set of pillows and blankets in thy car. . . justeth in caseth ;)

Angie said...

Clever, as always. Why didn't I get that kind of writing talent? Miss you guys! Hope you had a good time in AZ.