I'm not even worried about getting mugged, or lost, or losing luggage, or having nowhere to sleep.

I've been a bit absent from my own blog lately, sorry.
I can't even promise it will change because, you know, fleeing the country and all that.
But I WILL tell you all
Some Things I Am Scared About and Consequently Not Blogging Right Now.

They are:
#1-33: Getting sick before Japan.
Getting sick now, before we go, so that we can't go, or that we get to Japan and they take our temperature and send us right back. Too many people I know are getting H1N1 or colds or one of a billion viruses, and I am semi-freaking out. Like, yesterday I had a fever all day, and I was sure I had the flu and would be in bed for the next month. I even put on a mask. (Slice made fun of me.) Fortunately, I feel fine today! Knock on wood!

#34-42: Getting sick in Japan.
What if I get terrible jet lag and need sleep all day but I can't sleep at night? What if my feet get bad again (yes I did go to the podiatrist and get inserts; my feet now hurt in a good way) and it hurts like the dickens to walk at all? What if the intense travel starts to wear on me and I start feeling like I did all last summer and I don't want to do anything, or go anywhere, I just want to sleep? That would be a total waste of a vacation!

#43-50: Getting sick because of Japan.
What if the food makes me sick and I offend some nice people we are staying with? (I can't really smuggle boxes of Cheerios over the border.) I would feel so bad. And when we come home, I really want to be healthy for Thansksgiving, because I was sick one year and it was the worst holiday EVER. Also, I'll need to get right back to work so I've got to be in tip-top shape, can't afford to lose any extra days.

It looks like I should be washing my hands 20 times a day, using hand sanitizer, drinking juice and eating oranges, and getting lots of sleep, doesn't it?

I'm not.


Fig said...

If it makes you feel any better, hand sanitizer won't keep you from getting the flu. It's anti-bacterial, and the flu is viral.

There! Now you have one less thing to feel guilty about not doing.

Bonnie said...

You're going to have a blast. Have I mentioned that I'm jealous?