The Rest of the Story

Thursday we drove the rest of the way to Peoria by way of Mexican Hat, which was absolutely breathtaking, even in a sandstorm.
I drove for about two hours while Slice took pictures out the window and froze my exposed toes. (I was ready for the AZ heat.) That was the only driving I did all weekend.

That one was unintentional, I assure you. (It should be a picture of a tiny LDS chapel. Wheps!)

When we got to Arizona we left the cameras in the car/suitcase/backpack for the next 2.5 days.

Heather drove us to see Phoenix, the Dr.'s hospital (Mayo Clinic - very cool), Nathan's school, Kirkland's Home, and a fun Mexi restaurant, among other things. We found Coldstone all by ourselves.
Also, I took Slice to Pier 1 Imports for a bit, and he liked it.

How about those Saguaro Cacti anyway?? They take up to 75 years to grow a side arm; I think that is rad.
The children were adorable, as always, and I have said before that if any of my children turn out as cute as my sister's, I will be content. Still holds true.Sunday morning we were on the road again, which was unfortunate because we couldn't find Conference on the radio. We tried calling Matt and listening via cell-speakerphone, but the phone reception was not so great. You can imagine. So we listened when we could, popped in BYU Chorale CDs when we couldn't, took pictures, ate junk, and read Little Women. Well, I read it.
And then I fell asleep with the pillow wrapped around my head - WHY didn't I think of that before! - and Slice took more pictures as he drove. Just a little scary, if you ask me.
There I am in my pillow-cocoon. It was blissful.

Sunday night we finally arrived to a freezing, wet Roosevelt, and I was so happy to be home.
(Even though I miss Preston.)
Now it's back to the two-job, broken-internet, baby-sitting, future-planning grind.

*Also- I just watched Elder Holland's talk, finally, because I couldn't stand being the only one 'out of the loop.'
And WOW.

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Heather said...

So I see what you meant about not being able to see much near Mexican Hat. That "mist" is dust. It must have been a bit windy. Fun pictures anyway! Love you!