Why I'm not answering your phone calls

Tuesday was the Region cross-country meet at Soldier Hollow outside Midway.
Not too long of a drive, so I rode with my mother out to watch Em run.
(She's running varsity as a freshman. She's so cool.)
The weather started out all right, just a little windy,
but it quickly deteriorated.
The wind turned colder and colder; we thought the rain might turn to snow.
You can't really tell how cold it was from the pictures.
Em and Audrey ran together, so after they left the starting line, we ran up the mountain to watch them come over the top. To cheer them on, you know.
I love their faces there. Relief! The rest is downhill!

It was quite a hike!

Somewhere up (or down) the mountain,
while I was running, holding the camera in one hand,

I lost my cell phone.

My one-and-only cell phone with everyone's phone numbers in it, naturally,
and texts from my single college days ...
(yes I saved some of those ...)
and also from my early Slice-dating, late Slice-engagement, etc.

During the boys' Varsity race I walked back up to the top,
Lana's phone to my ear,
holding my hood on the whole FREEZING way.
I couldn't have heard my phone ring anyway because the wind was so loud.

Coming down was slower,
zigzagging over the mountainside.
We were almost the last ones to leave.

When we got home I was still so cold and wet, I was shaking.
I sat on the floor of the shower and let the hot water run for a LONG time.

I didn't think it would be too bad not having a phone,
but since I have no house phone, it's pretty inconvenient, you know?

Note to self: don't let the cell phone fall out of your pocket next time.

(Note to everyone else: if you want to talk to me, try Slice's phone. It's possible that we are together.)

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amy morgan said...

Shoot. I'm sad that you lost your saved texts. I know that feeling, almost like you've lost a little part of you. Darn it!