Wednesday woes

About 6 months ago I was sitting down with a(nother) new doctor, telling her my woes of chronic fatigue.  I told her about my long bout of strep that became recurring bouts of strep. I was certain it turned into mono that had remained untreated - and wondered aloud if the combination somehow caused my hypothyroidism.
(I'd been reading up on the internet.  Doctors looooove it when patients do this, I know.)

She didn't think so, but ordered an ultrasound on my thyroid and some bloodwork to test for Epstein-Barr virus.  A week later I got a phone call. "Your ultrasound looks great, thyroid blood levels are fine .... but it looks like you have a new strain of Epstein-Barr.  We don't think you're contagious, but expect to see extreme fatigue for the next 3-6 months. There's not much else we can do, sorry."
And that was that.

So, summer saw me in survival mode. Slice worked many many hours, I somehow wrenched my back (what am I, 50?!) and soon, the maintenance of our house became more than I could handle.  Forget about the weeds turning into trees in the yard!
Matt & Kim lived in the basement for a few months, which was great.  The kids played together, we ate joint meals, they helped with cleaning and projects around the house that otherwise would not have gotten done.  I was a little less lonely without Slice around.

I think things are getting better now.

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