Monday is for Marriage

First item of business: My sister Em is getting married!

As of Saturday night (a.k.a. Halloween, a.k.a. Em's birthday AND the 3-month mark of her coming home from Uruguay) this darling girl is engaged!  She'll be sharing a last name with Kiana, which is totally weird, but we are in the Basin after all. And if you marry cousins, you just might end up with the same last name.

Here's a funny story about her fiance.
Slice grew up in the same ward as his family, so when Allen gets a mission call to Sendai, Japan (Slice's mission) we are pretty excited.  Slice vows to write, send packages, etc. etc.
Several months down the road, we pick up some nice wool socks and thermal pants, knowing that winter is coming and it will be cooooold on the streets in northern Japan.
Then these items sit on my counter for WEEKS, just waiting for a little note from Slice.  He keeps telling me he'll write one, I keep getting irritated.
Finally, well into winter, I give up waiting.  I send a package to Japan without even a note ... but with a return address, so at least Allen knows who it's from?

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