Wednesday Wanderlust

November makes me want to travel.  Not just because it's fall and the impending doom of winter makes me want to curl up and cry hibernate, but because I've been to some pretty awesome places IN November.

You might recognize this Staatsoper from the latest Mission:Impossible

Vienna Boys' Choir!

Home of DaVinci's Last Supper



You may recall - from the last two specifically - that a trip during pregnancy is enough to cure me for a long time.  Well, whaddayouknow, we planned a trip for this November before I even got pregnant.  (Although it's not the big expensive one we planned way ahead, in case you're wondering. That's next summer.)

Tomorrow evening we will be on our way to sunny Southern California, via Cedar City where Slice's parents live.  They offered to take Lex while we spend 6 days in Cali, doing Disneyland and stuff.  Let me repeat: they offered to take Lex.
We'll feel a little bad about leaving her there, because we haven't yet left her for any length of time and she'll be a little lost without her siblings. But the idea of 12+ hours in a car and Disneyland with only two kids (who will actually remember it) is just too sweet to pass up. Also, she'll get completely spoiled by her grandparents, while they have some good bonding time. I'm all about bonding time.

But right now, I have 4 loads of laundry to do; Slice is nearing the end of a one-day roundtrip visit to New Mexico.  Poor guy's been in a truck since before 7:00 a.m. and has taken a longer drive than the one we'll be making over the next two days.
About that laundry....

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