I didn't make it through November posting every day. I DID post more than all of last year combined, so I'll count that as a victory.

Plumb tuckered out.  
Cheeto hands!
To catch us up on the Cali trip, the second day at Disneyland was much better than the first.  We did California Adventure that day and actually figured out the FastPass. Ha! We rode more rides and just had a better time overall, despite the colder weather.  Somehow my pregnant self did MUCH better than at Universal Studios two years ago, even though I was only about 3 weeks farther along that time.  Maybe it was the Florida humidity that did me in?

Both nights we stayed until 11ish so we didn't get back to the house until after midnight. Thursday morning (Thanksgiving) we woke up, ate and packed the car and headed out. We hit the traffic I thought we'd be able to avoid. Darn Southern California. Such bad drivers.

The traffic was awful leaving the valley, and again at the Nevada border.  That was bad timing because we were out of gas.  Oops!  Good thing we made it into town before disaster struck.
We ate at the Greek restaurant again, our Thanksgiving meal, if you will.  It was a little ... different.

We didn't get back to Cedar until 8:00 Utah time. Lex was so happy to see us!! And we were happy to see snow the next morning.

Friday we ate Thanksgiving dinner with Slice's family and stayed up way too late watching Guardians of the Galaxy.  Saturday we packed AGAIN and headed out at noon.  We stopped at Costco in Spanish Fork and hit a snowstorm AGAIN going through Indian Canyon.  That time it was dark.  Another hour added to an already-long drive.

All in all, the trip was surprisingly relaxing. I asked Slice several times why, and we decided that not having Lex with us made all the difference. We love her to pieces, but roadtrips with less-than-2-year-olds are the pits. Not only that, but doing anything with two kids is SO MUCH easier than doing it with three.
But you already knew that.

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