Tuesday talk

Second item of business: blog names and a little update.

I've had a jolly good time referring to my children by blog names, but for some reason, the fun has worn off. I think we'll just call them Will, Emma and Lex from now on, because that's what I call them in real life.
Slice, on the other hand, can only go by as Slice here, even though we all know his name is Dorian and I call him Slice only on the blog. The name is just too near and dear to my heart.

Will is in afternoon Kindergarten at our nearest Elementary School.  I get asked sometimes if he's in public school, I guess because I teach homeschoolers at my house? But boy, am I glad to get him out of here for 3 hours a day! He needs (and loves) the social interaction and the structure. I need the small bit of peace provided.  Win-win.
crazy hair day at school last week
Will is starting to really read, which is a complete delight, one that I somehow did not anticipate.  How great is it to see the world opening up before your child's eyes???  Amazingly great.

Emma is finally in preschool (just around the corner from our house, perfect!) and, after many months of begging, ballet. She is loving and excelling at both.
"Look Mom! A crown pumpkin!"
Emma is mourning the loss of her best friend and cousin, Grace.  Grace moved away from Roosevelt and we still have to talk about it all the time. It's tragic.

Lex is 20 months, recently moved from the crib to the bottom bunk of our trusty toddler bunk beds.  We did one night without a binkie before we gave in.  (More binkie drama surely to come ... but I'm Scarlett O'Hara! Not worrying about it today!)
"What? I wasn't doing anything."
Lex is my darling.  Oh, the laughs we have had over her love of food.  She thinks she's much older than she is, and tries to do everything her older siblings do, causing much grief and crying and accidents.  And fighting, when Will and Emma don't want her messing with the stuff they're doing.

Luckily, with everything we're involved in, I still only HAVE to leave the house 3 days a week to play chauffeur. That suits me just fine.

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Linnea said...

That's interesting that you are giving up the blog names - I'm entering this world of blogging about your child and have been wondering if I should use her name or not! Maybe it's just not worth the effort to use a placeholder...

I'll bet Emma is so cute at ballet! I want to see pictures of that...little leotards are the cutest.