The Video Playlist

I have a list of things that I hope, when I die, I can see re-played in video (or similar) form. Mostly funny things that my family and I discuss on a regular basis. A few things on this list:

Braden running into the house after a lightning strike really close to the house. (He broke the door frame!)

Brent coming out on stage for a number in Forever Plaid - wearing a fruit hat and coconut bra.

My whole family WATCHING Brent come out on stage wearing that.  I nearly fell out of my chair, I was laughing so hard. It was so unexpected.

Matt's response when mom served us cooked spinach for the first time in his living memory - "is this poop?"

What's on your life video Playlist?


The Farrers said...

I think about the same thing! At the top of my "to watch" list is moments where Bret and I crossed paths before meeting. According to our calculations, there may have been many!

Brent Eddington said...

Mom using a naughty word at Jordan and me when we pushed the limit too far! Dad, when he only threatened to do so when mad at something he was building.

Mike Blaylock's "welcome to Hawaii."

Megan is requiring me to put this one--the day I forgot the lighter was in my hand instead of the sucker.

Going down the stairs in several houses in sleeping bags and other divers ways.

Silly Surge commercials.

Jordan singing the BYU rap.

Rachel using a naughty word when Grandma came over. Rachel's first attempt at driving (when we had to go pick up the car from the city hall in Roosevelt).

I'll keep thinking.... :)

Jean said...

Oh yes! The cigarette lighter!! I laughed out loud as I read through them. Excellent list.