How to Get Pregnant in a Totally Made-Up Number of Steps

1.  Plan an expensive vacation 18 months in advance.  Maybe start talking about doing a Ragnar, and look at taking a trip to Europe too.

2.  Tell everyone who will listen that you don't want to get pregnant for another year. Partly because of that expensive vacation you don't want to take a new baby on.

3.  Get diagnosed with "a new strain of Epstein-Barr virus."

4.  Follow your fertility tracker app religiously - erring on the SUPER EXTREMELY CAUTIOUS side, actually.

5.  Stop talking to everyone who heard you saying you didn't want to have a baby soon because ....

6.  You're pregnant! And after the disbelief comes the acceptance, and then the anticipation, and then remembering that

7.  You've always considered unexpected pregnancies to be one of God's ways of reminding us that He's in charge. And,

8.  Apparently some of us need LOTS OF REMINDERS of that.


The Farrers said...

So hilarious. And so happy for you!

Linnea said...


I love this...too funny. :)