The beach

Missed yesterday. By the time I was headed to bed at midnight (California time!) I was too exhausted to post.
Saturday morning bright and early, Slice and I drove to the Newport Beach temple for the 7:00 session. It was in Samoan! And the by the time we got out the temperature was already almost 90°. CRAZY.  Crazy awesome, that is. 
We met Matt & Kim at Downtown Disney after lunch.  Lego store was the biggest hit. The kids wanted to stay and build cars to race forever.

Yesterday we went to church with our generous hosts (Slice's uncle & aunt) and relaxed. After an early dinner we drove out to Newport Beach, didn't get there until later than we hoped. The kids loved it anyway:

This morning we headed back out there for the day. And now I'm wondering how I've stayed away from Cali for 15 years. Newport Beach is heaven!!

The weather was so incredibly perfect, the water glittered like gold. The only thing that marred this gorgeous day was the parking ticket we found on our window 10 minutes after the freaking parking meter ran out. 

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Linnea said...

Oh my. Those beach shots look like heaven...so much nicer than the cold weather outside my door right now.