Some things I've been wanting to tell you

1. I live in a house with 5-6 adult men. Did you know that? I said 5-6 because I don't know exactly how many; it seems to fluctuate. I do think it makes Slice a little nervous though.

2. I quit a job for the first time last week. (The library one.) Sent a letter of resignation even. But they really wanted me to stay ... So now I will (hopefully) be doing, in half the time, what I used to be doing in full-the-time at both jobs. Basically, I'm a sucker.

Tangent here: It's like college all over again. My coworkers used to laugh at me while I registered for the next semester's classes. "Oooh! The Legend of King Arthur! And History on Film! And History of American Christianity! American Women's History! Joseph Smith lectures! How can I choose between them??? Can't I just take them all?!" And then I would register for 17 credits, despite my job, and try to audit 3 more - until the point in the semester when I realized that I might actually die from brain overload and lack of sleep. The both. End tangent.

3. Slice and I are going to Japan. Japan. And for three and a half weeks, no less. I found killer flights (Travelzoo of course), called Slice and said WE ARE GOING. So we are.
At first we thought about staying for a few months, but we didn't want to deal with work visas and, um, I don't speak a lick of Japanese, so living there would be a bit more terrifying than going to school in Vienna when I HAD three years of German under my belt and everything planned out for me by BYU.
Anyway - WE ARE SUPER EXCITED! Right now, all we have are flights, which say that we are leaving October 29 and coming back November 23. Beyond that ... planning still needing to be done.

4. Slice didn't want me to tell you we are going to Japan. He thought it would be more fun to just say "we're leaving!" and then start blogging from Japan, but hello, I cannot keep a secret like that. Especially when everyone in my physical personal life already knows. Physical personal life meaning, people I see on a regular basis. Or who check my Facebook page often.

5. Slice is awesome and I love him.

6. I watched him play at the Utah Open last weekend, which was very swanky and sweltry and emulous. (I looked that last word up.) Some pretty famous people were there, including Jazz players that are decent golfers, marketing directors of Siegfried & Jensen (whom Slice played with), etc. etc. I had a good time soaking it all in. Except for the heat, which was just about record-breaking. And humid. Ugh.
Anyway, Slice did all right. Day 1 and 2 were great, Day 3 was the downfall. I think it was because I wasn't there the first half of that last round. I am practically his good-luck charm.

7. I am reading Jane Eyre, for you Tay, as of last Saturday. Started it at the tournament. Love it already.

8. How awesome is my mom? She wrote a blog post today on the family blog, her very first, and already it's the best one there. I love that lady.

9. I am 22 today. It feels old.


Syd said...

I felt the same way a little less than a month ago!! And to think we are darn near the youngest in our class. Some of them will be turning 23 in a month! Suckers. . .

Fig said...

Happy birthday!

In a couple more years, you will be annoyed with people in their twenties who "feel old". Because you'll realize that they (and you) are young, young, young. And you still have the whole world. Youth is the best gift you'll ever be given, so soak it up and stretch it out.

I'm so excited for your Japan trip. Seriously, that's the hotness.

Bonnie said...

Happy Birthday! And just for you, I'll think about posting a baby bump pic.

Bonnie said...

Oh, and Japan is amazing - you'll love it there. Do you mind me asking where you guys'll be spending most of your time? I highly recommend Kyoto - everything there is just so old and pretty.

Tay said...

Japan, huh? Eat lots of dumplings for me! I've always wanted to eat dumplings and real Ramen noodles. They just look so fantastic. And make sure you eat the WHOLE dumpling in ONE bite. It's rude not to. I'm not even joking about that.

Hooray for Jane Eyre! I knew you'd love it! It really is a fantastic book. Please come to me for more book recommendations. :) Please discuss what you are reading so I can have blog conversations with you!!

22 was a good year. 23 seems about average. I'll let you know how it goes.

Heather said...

Happy Birthday! Love you always!

Cade and Kelsie said...

WOW! Japan! Awesome can't wait to hear about your adventures.

Bonnie said...

I was in Japan back in 2005 picking up my sister from her mission. My Mom, sister and I just toured around for a couple weeks. It was phenomenal.

If you're going all over, you might want to get the tourist Japan Rail passes - you have to order them in advance, I think, and they're not cheap, but they'll save you money because you can just go on any public transportation with them. You also feel like you're famous because you flash that and people just wave you on through.

Oh wow, I'm jealous. It's seriously gorgeous.