You better believe I am encouraging this.

I'm not the biggest Harry Potter fan around, I know.  But perhaps I did re-read the entire series right before the 7th book came out (while I was taking summer classes and had thousands of pages to read for them ... ahem.), and perhaps I attended a midnight movie showing or two, and perhaps I bought the 7th book at midnight the day it came out, read it all along a cross-country road trip, and perhaps I BAWLED at the end of the book when Harry walked into the woods.

Perhaps I even read the last book twice without emerging from my room.  (Sorry, roommates!)

Anyway.  I have been telling Slice to finish the dang series for three years now.  He read the first few, moved to Japan, and never picked them up again.  Until yesterday.

We finally watched Part One of the Deathly Hallows a couple weeks ago, and part of the Goblet of Fire Saturday.  I guess that was the catalyst - he picked up the 7th book yesterday afternoon, and he's been basically useless to me since.

I'm okay with that.

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Fig said...

We bought two copies of Deathly Hallows, because there was no way in you-know-where either of us was going to wait for the other to finish. (Naturally, I finished in about six hours, he probably could have waited that long. Oh well.)