C'est la vie

Last week during the rainstorm our basement leaked a little.  There's a closet under the front porch that sucks all the water from the surrounding dirt, and since we also have no rain gutters, water streams off the roof into that corner unless Slice puts up a tarp to stop it.  Leak leak leak.

Our bathroom has been looking like this for a couple weeks now:

you may now admire Slice's tiling job
because when we bought a (standard) toilet from Lowe's and tried to install it, we realized that our 70-year-old bathroom will NOT be fitting a standard toilet.  We need a 10" rough in.  According to our local Lowe's expert, it will cost us 3x what a 12 " would, and also take a month to get here.

Wednesday Slice took his girls golf team to their State tournament at Mountain View golf course in Salt Lake.   He left his Ipod touch there, so I've been having Words With Friends withdrawals.
($$$ - but we'll get it back)

Saturday we ran a few errands around town, and when we got out of the car, my wallet was on top of it.  The wallet that I had put there with my BRAND NEW phone before we left.  Only, the phone wasn't there anymore.  Classic!
We've retraced our route three times now, with no luck.

Also on Saturday I did some laundry while Slice was gone.  He came home and started hollering at me from the basement, where there was a bona fide flood from the drain in the floor.  Luckily we had a shop vac handy from our bathroom job, as well as a carpet cleaner, and two dads with pipe snakes.  Slice worked on the drain all Saturday night and a good part of yesterday afternoon, but we still don't know what is wrong and we can't run the kitchen sink without it backing up.  So, a plumber is coming this afternoon to check it out.

Basically, I can't do dishes or laundry right now.... all I can do is post pictures of the puppy sleeping.


Heather said...

At least the puppy is darling and the tile looks awesome! Slice did a great job!

Justina F. Lee said...

puppy is so adorable!