What I know about you

... thanks to my trusty site tracker.
(Unless you are a URL feed reader, in which case I know almost nothing.)

  • Approximately 35% of you are residents of the great Uintah Basin.  Sorry to say it folks, but I'm trying my darndest to get out of here.  
  • A good majority of you are Utahns, even if you don't claim it.  70% -ish.
  • One of you is undoubtedly Yasue, my most faithful blog follower.  Practically every day I have a visitor from Morioka, Japan and I'm pretty sure only one person there has the URL....
  • Ratio of post-readers to comment-readers: 3 to 1.  Again, except for the unknown feed-readers.
  • Ratio of readers to followers: 10 to 1.
  • Ratio of post-readers to commenters: 50 to 1 (or something like that.  I'm totally making these numbers up).
  • And, at least once a week someone types in "ponytail chopped off" or something similar in Google, and winds up at this post.  I'm glad, because donating hair is awesome and I would totally do it again.  If I had hair, that is.  But right now, am just jealous of those of you with long gorgeous hair.  DANI.


Danielle said...

ah ha ha ha! Oh my. This post just made my day. Just because-of all your readers you mention my name, not because you mention my long locks. Then again, you do have so many readers....perhaps I'm not the DANI you mention? But I'm just going to take this post and run with it =0) You're very sweet.

p.s. Yours is the blog that never ceases to entertain me. You can consider me one of your #1 fans. Hence the flattery of your mentioning me =0)

Jean said...

You are the Dani! I even linked to you now so everyone else can be jealous. Seriously.

Glad to make your day! :)

Bonnie said...

Man, I should really comment more. On a lot of blogs, but particularly yours because I love it.