another Delusion of Grandeur put safely to rest

Yesterday I woke up at 5:21.  The baby was crying.
(He just started doing this in the early morning again.  Reason: unknown.)
I waited until 5:45, then got him a bottle, changed his diaper and put him back in bed.  He fell asleep, I didn't.

He woke up again around 6:30.  (WHY?!)
I got him up, turned on the light, sent Slice back to bed, and we played on the floor.  I fed him some breakfast while I caught up on Reader and Facebook; by 7:30 it was clear that he was still tired.  I put him back to bed, showered, picked up the front room and kitchen, ate some cereal, made two jello salads for lunch, and got ready for church.
Slice prepared the primary lesson.

We walked to church, pushing Liam in the stroller.  Along the way Slice made jabs about how nice it would be to have a wife who cooked, cleaned, and did all the housework without a complaint.
(Welcome to my marriage!)
(He really did want a Japanese wife.)

I sang a solo in Sacrament Meeting while the kids tried to remember the words to their Mother's Day songs ... Slice was already out in the hall because Liam was throwing fits.  Then when we got to our Primary class, the kids were all inside, barring the door with their bodies.  There were FOUR of them and we couldn't keep them under control.  So Slice went and got the bishop, who joined us for the rest of the class.  Then they were angels.

Liam was not.  I tried to stay with the class, but he was reaching for light switches and little girls' hair, arching his back, screaming like it's the new fad.  Most of the third hour was spent in the hall.

We went straight to my parents' house for lunch after church.  The food was great - until Liam started up-chucking the ground chicken and the jello.  I stripped him to his diaper until we went home.

At home (after some much-needed naps!), we tried to melt Symphony bars to dip strawberries in, but burned the chocolate in both the double boiler and the microwave.  (Apparently I am needing some tips, Heath.)  Fortunately, the chocolate chips worked perfectly.  Two more outfits for the baby.

We had a delightful monthly family meeting in the evening and a couple more visits, then put Liam to bed.  I wrote in my journal for the first time in six months ... and writing in it just reminded me of everything that's happened in that time.

For my first official Mother's Day, I'd say we're off to a roaring start.


amy morgan said...

my second favorite day - second only to valentine's day. :P pthhht.
At least it ended semi-well?! ;)

Danielle said...

I'm not even going to write about my Mother's Day! Ha ha. Not really. But really.

And don't worry- -I did the exact same thing with Symphony bars when I tried dipping strawberries. We all know it's the best chocolate around!! But to no avail.