To my Firstborn on his First Birthday

Dear Liam,

Today you are a year old.  I won't say how crazy! it is or how fast time flies! because, let's be honest, a year is a year, and this one has been longer (for me) than many.  It has also brought joy that I didn't know existed.

Liam, you are a remarkable baby.  You bring sunshine and smiles wherever you go - literally.  Every time we go to church, to the store, anywhere, people comment on what a cute, happy child you are.   In fact, I've had many people come to me privately to say you are the cutest baby they've ever seen.  Naturally, I agree with them.

You got your father's charming personality, my boy, which will be a great asset to you throughout your life. You love people, too, and I've said many times that you should have been a youngest child instead of an oldest.  We have to entertain you constantly!  If you ever aren't getting enough attention, you take care of that pretty quickly.  You like to have all eyes on you.

Right now, you're pretty sure that you are the best thing to ever happen to this earth.  If I could preserve this confidence for you, I would.  All too soon you will have siblings, friends, and school experiences that will make you think otherwise.  I only hope you never lose that smile.

It has been a sheer joy to have you in our home.  I don't think there is anything sweeter than watching a child discover the world for the first time.  Every new food, noise, cupboard and animal is exciting again.  You make us smile and laugh and make ourselves ridiculous.  You also make us proud.  The ones who "know" tell us that your attention span (and dexterity) is off-the-charts.  You are smart, and we know it.

We love your kisses and your snuggling, your singing and your games.  You've given us plenty of learning experiences in the last year, Liam; more are certainly to come.  It was no easy task to get you here ... but you were worth it.  Every second of pain was worth it.

Love you forever!

Love, Mom


Danielle said...

Maybe I'll hire you to write Teryn's 2nd birthday letter =0)

Jean said...

I'm cheap!