We've been busy.

A few weeks ago we finally located a 10 inch rough-in toilet (in Sandy) and brought it home.  
Voila!  Bathroom complete!

After an unfortunate mishap with the previous blue paint job in our upstairs bathroom, we had to tear everything down, texture and paint again.  Green.  I did most of this one myself.
It looks much better in person, promise.

Friday & Saturday was the annual API tournament, for which we (I) took pictures again.  More on that later, because you KNOW I have only snarky comments for golfers these days.

Monday we celebrated our third anniversary with our first garden planting!  Yes, it's super late in the season and yes, it might be a total failure.  We're crossing our fingers.

We also splurged with the money from API and bought the cheapest patio set we could find ... thanks ALCO!  
(And thanks Slice, for hanging the lights.)

Tuesday, Slice surprised me with a little anniversary trip.  It was a total surprise, let me tell you!  Without me knowing, he planned for three babysitters, packed swimsuits, temple clothes and anything else he thought we might need, made up some story to get me in the car - and we left town.  But of course, he made me decide what to do.  So after hours of deliberation, this is what we did:

and we had a marvelous time.  I'm still sore.
At least I got to use that new swimsuit I bought in February ... before I get too big for it.

Add in a few more job applications, voice & piano lessons, a bunch of laundry, some family stuff, and trying to keep the house clean with a toddler and a puppy running around - and you have my summer right there.


Lauran said...

Sounds like a typical Rachel summer. We are leaving on Monday and I feel like we haven't had a chance to even breathe let alone sit down and plan for the next 2 months. But I'm excited and we will miss you! Don't get too big over the next 2 months - I want to be here for it!
P.S. - where did you get the swimsuit? I'm in the market.

Miriam said...

your bathroom looks great :)