Parenting 201

I realized this morning that it's been at least six months since I had to take a shower while Slice was gone and Liam was awake.  Crazy, right?

I didn't know what to do - my 12-month old still cries if I even leave his sight.  Unless he's getting into trouble, which I know right off the bat, because he's quiet even though I can't see him.
(And what is it about toilet paper anyway??)

So I took him in the bathroom and he played with his bath toys while I showered.  Fortunately he finds his bath toys much more exciting when they're NOT in the bath.

What do you do?


Fig said...

Viv has a "fortress". The little hall off our bathroom has doors all around it. When they're all closed, she's locked in there. It's full of toys and books and I just shut her in there every morning while I shower. Some days she likes it less than other days (like the time I forgot to turn on the light in the fortress? Yeah).

Emily said...

I usually put the kids in Taylor's room and give them toys to play with and turn on a show so they don't feel like they're alone. Then I shower as fast as I can before Taylor can pick on Cohen too much. Some days I get lucky and Cohen takes a long morning nap when I want to shower.

Danielle said...

Up until about a month ago I would take Teryn in the shower with me because he loved it so much. But then he started to point at and touch my "places" and I thought it probably wasn't a good idea to keep hangin out in the shower together anymore. Now I just lock the door, turn on a show, and let him run wild while I do my thing. My house is child proofed enough I don't feel like I have to worry much. Sometimes he ends up screaming at the bathroom door until I'm finished but he's getting over it.