All right.

I am 14+ weeks along, due at the beginning of December.  And just in case you're wondering, our doctor is guessing it's a girl.  He was right last time.

We've known for quite a while - when I wrote this post we were already suspicious, oh how I crack myself up - but we did not tell the family until Liam's birthday party.  In fact, only Matt & Kim knew weeks ago because they were the only ones who visited us and saw the ultrasound posted on the fridge.
(Hey, everybody who didn't visit us!  Better luck next time!)

I probably would have waited even longer to tell, but it just gets hard at this point.  I already feel the need to apologize for my behavior over the last three months, and if I wait longer no one will accept my apologies.
(Hey, everybody who I offended/said strange things to/flaked out on/exhibited uncharacteristic behavior toward!  I'm sorry!)

Thanks again for all your congratulations.  I love you guys.
Any more questions?


Danielle said...

I only JUST tried the Walmart fruit snacks and I'm bummed I never knew about them before! They are by far the best!

Yay, congrats again!!

Cade and Kelsie said...

If its a girl I will be jealous! I hope we have a girl next! Hope you're doing well!

Tommy Morgan said...

I think when you wrote "that post" we were ALL suspicious ;)

amy morgan said...

And by "all of us", I meant me ;) And the above was me, not Tommy. But, you knew that!
Your doctor may be right - - but if you follow the "Morgan pattern" again, ;) He may be wrong!

K said...

Congrats Rachel! I love reading your blog.

key-a-nae said...

I agree with the Morgans. I totally suspected back then too, just sayin...