Memory Lane, aka Neola Highway

Memory is funny, isn't it?  Don't you love how a smell or place can take you back to another time?

Saturday evening we took a little family trip to Uintah Canyon.  I swear every five miles up Neola Highway holds a different memory for me.  Neola store: Carolyn and Bree Anne, going to the wrong house for a surprise party ... Burning fires: burning (high school) love ... the point of no cell reception: waiting for a call on our first (and only) married camping trip ... Lake Leaving: our first outing with baby Liam ... the campground: a hundred other trips with friends, family, and even a very ripe fetus .... you get the picture.

It was a lovely evening for memories - and everything else.  The weather was perfect.  We ate oven-baked tinfoil dinners (due to time constraints) and roasted marshmallows.  Slice hacked away at a walking stick while I tended the fire, and Liam had the time of his life digging in the dirt.  These are the times I live for.

Now I'm tempted to go dig up some old pictures to add to this post.

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Danielle said...

Ah, the Neola highway. Memory Lane indeed! Kali trying to dodge a cow and running through a barbed wire fence; driving 103 mph in my new VW Jetta; 98.5 radio station; childhood bike rides to the Neola Store, etc. Loved this post.

p.s. we SO need to be neighbors someday