the doll

We finally got MG a doll so she has something other than cars and dinosaurs to play with.  So far, she doesn't love it.

Liam, on the other hand...

Liam cuddles with her and totes her around, even "in the car."   Last night we found him reading his monster truck book to her.  He is getting really attached to that doll.  ("It's not yours," I keep telling him.)

We should have gotten him one a long time ago....

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amy morgan said...

this is EXACTLY what Joey did! (though, the doll he started with was a neighbors, and we had to buy him his own because he was DEVASTATED when the doll went home with the neighbor!)
So, if it proves to be the same with Will as things have with Joey - it means Will will grow into a young man with a HUGE heart who takes VERY GOOD CARE of his younger sister(s)!
'Sall good ;)