Monday was a crazy day.  Slice was off work so I was (as usual) trying to knock things off my to-do list.  By noon we had the entire upstairs cleaned and vacuumed, swept, wiped down, the bathroom scrubbed top to bottom.  But sometime during the morning, Slice figured out that the new Call of Duty game was coming out that night at midnight, not Tuesday night like he'd been thinking for months.  This meant he'd have a night to play and a day to recover before going back to work.

Slice: "Can I go to Vernal at midnight and buy the game?"
Me: "And then what?  You'll play all night and sleep all day tomorrow and we won't get anything done and ..."
Slice: "No I won't.  What do you want done tomorrow?  What do you want me to do?"
Me: "A headboard.  Make me a headboard."
Slice: "OK."

And that's how it went.

I've actually had the stuff to make a headboard for a YEAR now, sitting in my downstairs closet.  Our bed is in front of a window and we have spent two years pushing curtains out of our faces at night.  I scored an old cheap headboard from my parents (thanks Mom!) and Slice chopped off the molding on top, glued some extra wood behind the slats, and we were in business.

Then we went to a concert.  Well, I sang in it.  I had two days to stress about singing the national anthem a capella during a concert when (musical) people are actually listening, and what to wear when the band is wearing concert black but I don't want to wear all black and I'm a soloist anyway, and how early should I be there, and are the kids going to make it through the concert, and ..... it all turned out fine.

When I got home at 9:00 the kids were still in the bath.  After Slice and I put them to bed and deliberated more than a little, we got back to work on the headboard.  I cut my fabric in half and stitched it back up, matching the pattern as well as I could.  We stapled foam and batting and fabric, Slice left for Vernal, I finished it up and stuck it behind our bed and stroked it lovingly.  (Just kidding.)


I sent this picture to Slice still wearing my black tights from the concert and well, dear, this is the closest thing to a boudoir photo you're ever going to get.

Then I promptly fell asleep and Slice didn't come to bed until after 4:00, also after I'd been up TWICE with the kids. 

But he didn't sleep all day Tuesday, so you know.  I'll take what I can get.


Whitey said...

So... 15.5 years later and STILL no headboard here. GOOD FOR YOU GUYS!! You're ahead of the curve on more than a lot of things :)
(that "up with the kids twice" thing worries me, though. was that BEFORE or AFTER "someone" was home playing a video game? If after, then that someone's got some splainin' to do!!)

Whitey said...

p.s. Whitey = me. sorry!

amy morgan said...

and now me = me.
perhaps I should go to bed.

Jean said...

Haha! I knew it was you just from the comment. I think that's a good thing...? And, I was up with the kids WHILE he was playing downstairs. Headphones, you know. Don't worry. He witnessed the wrath.

Danielle said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE! Did I tell you I'm fixin' to upholster myself a headboard too? I'm just waiting to get my fabric in the mail! Such a fun way to add color and a sense of "togetherness" to a room!