Silky & Soft

Several years ago my super-talented mother started making silky blankets for her grandchildren.
They started out simple, but got fancier over time.  (Isn't that always the case!  Too bad for the oldest!)

She picked fabric and pieced and stitched and quilted.  She started using a longarm quilting machine and quilting names and phrases into the blankets.  She made extra ones that I gave to friends who were expecting babies.  I even took one to Japan in a suitcase, and gave it to the Takakusagis and their brand new baby girl (see here and here).

These quilts are darling, not to mention soft and fluffy and silky, no matter how many times you wash them.  (And let's be honest, with babies you'll wash them a thousand times.)

The good news is ... NOW YOU CAN HAVE ONE TOO!  
They're finally in an Etsy shop!  

You should really check it out, and buy one, if you're looking for a totally unique gift for a friend or a sister (or yourself).  No two are alike and - just in case you're not into the pieced look - my mom has branched out into other types and sizes.

The prices are ridiculously low, considering all the time and skill that goes into these babies.

If the quilts sell, she'll be taking custom orders soon.  Spread the word, will you?  Christmas is coming .....

Here's that link one more time.

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