Why I'm a bad blogger, in a nutshell

We just got back from Arizona.

Sorry, no pictures.  Again.

It was the second annual Brothers' Birthday Golf Trip (i.e. excuse for Slice to play golf for a few days, and for us to get out of Utah, and to visit family).

This year didn't turn out exactly as planned - my sweet sister had emergency surgery four days before we were scheduled to arrive, and was recovering instead of "party hosting" - but it was wonderful anyway.  Just too short.

The weather was perfect and Liam was a trooper.  A TROOPER, I tell you!  I'm not gonna lie, I was terrified to take him on a 12-hr drive when the longest we'd previously attempted was 7.  So we drove to Springville, ate, bathed and dressed and bottled him, and continued on our way in the dark.  He woke up only once before Vegas and fell asleep pretty quickly after that, sleeping until we were just minutes from Heather's house.

(Don't tell anyone, but I think having him in a front-facing carseat did the trick.  He loves being able to see.  That just may have saved us.)

Yesterday afternoon we decided to drive back home through the night, instead of all day today as planned.  The Utah weather was looking ominous and Liam did so well on the drive there.  So we packed and said goodbye, all too soon.
We're still recovering.

Other stuff we did in AZ:
  • watched Toy Story 3, finally
  • called around for open jobs
  • made orange juice from freshly-squeezed, neighbor-grown oranges
  • played with Lincoln logs
  • visited Cold Stone again
  • showed off our adorable son
  • did NOT go to a spring training game
  • did NOT get enough sleep (thanks, Liam!)
  • made coconut curry for the Dopps, complete with sushi
  • talked talked talked
  • started a new family venture: to be revealed ... soon
  • wished we didn't have to come back to Utah for at least a month.  Alas.

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jessicaholtey said...

Isnt AZ the BEST this time of year!!