I love him, I do

I was just looking for pictures of Slice that I could add to this sappy blog post about how much I love this guy, and for so many reasons.
But here's the deal.

Life's a little crazy right now.
And it's days like today that I am especially grateful to have him by my side.

He's the one who will go teach a Primary class after driving 12 hours through the night, while I am dead on the couch.
He puts the baby to bed most nights - and gets him up in the morning. 
He makes delicious meals, especially of the Japanese variety, and often.
He encourages me to do the things I love.  He makes me want to be better.
He is a wonderful father.
And always, forever and always, he makes me laugh.
Happy 24th, darling.

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Brent said...

Reminds me of how much fun Dann and I had :)