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I should like to explain my recent semi-absence via this post, with further explanation that the only "secrets" I have presently are more like "mysteries" unrevealed to me, i.e., where am I going to live in a month?  Or five?  And what will we do with this house in a month?  Or five?

You know, little things like that.

In other (happier) news, our second annual Girls Weekend was last week, and although Liam joined us he didn't ruin the fun.

Indeed!  I preferred to have him outside of me this year.  He slept almost all night in the crowded hotel room, making me love him ever so much more.

Unfortunately we didn't have time for anything but Prom dress shopping (for Em), bridal showers (for Kim), and eating: Dunford donuts, pizza from The Pie, Coldstone, In-N-Out.  

I did get a picture with my closest cousin growing up, and her day-older-than-Liam son Asher.  Look!  A picture of me on my blog!  What's it been, five months?

His head looks pretty big right there.

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Eddington's said...

Jealous of Dunford...should've shipped us some ;)