Taking it Easy

I'll tell you what.
This self-imposed, semi-bedrest lifestyle is presenting problems on all different kinds of levels.Self: I want to do things that normal people do, like walking/jogging or grocery shopping or, hey, making cookies. That sounds fun.
Shoulder Angel 1: But you'll have contractions! And you know that when you stand for even minutes at a time, you get light-headed and weak and sick to your stomach. You hate that heart pounding.
Shoulder Angel 2: You are such a pansy.
SA 1: Am not! It's the baby! I'm protecting the baby!
SA 2: Sure, sure. Who knows if anything you do is even going to matter. You've been contracting for weeks and HELLO, not dilating at all. You're just going to be all geared up for the real labor when it comes. Actually, wouldn't you be in better shape (like, more prepared for childbirth) if you were exercising and stuff?
SA 1: I don't know ... seems like too big of a risk. You REALLY don't want to be shipped out to Salt Lake for early labor/preemie care. Especially since you wanted to work as long as possible before the baby comes!
SA 2: GAH. Fine. Just sit there then.

Three hours later ...

Self: I have to clean my room! Declutter, reorganize, redecorate! This cramped space is driving me crazy! If I just shifted the bed a little, I could replace my nightstand with the bookshelf--
SA 2: Well, the dishes do need to be done. Slice cooked dinner, so you could at least clean up. And while you're at it, why don't you just pick up the bedroom a little? Fold some laundry?
SA 1: Because she'll have to bend over 20 times.
SA 2: Oh, hush. It will make her feel better.

Thirty minutes later ...

Self: (groaning) I don't feel good. I'm gonna lie down now. I'm tired.
SA 1: I told you. Also, you won't be able to sleep no matter how tired you are. No position is comfortable; you know that.
SA 2: Yeah. It's a waste of time, unless you read or write missionary letters or do something productive.
Self: So? I don't feel like doing anything. Not even reading. I just want to lie here and feel my baby move. He's still there, you know, still growing. It makes me feel like it's all worth it.
SA 1 & 2: WELL.

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jessicaholtey said...

Eh dont buy into the better shape you are in the better birth you will have, I am MAJORLY over weight and had an insane easy delivery!! I didnt even know I was in labor and 15 min of pushing and she was out!! Its more important to keep that baby cookin as long as possible!