Some things about which I am ignorant

having never been 7 months pregnant before, I am unaware if this is "normal" or not. My baby is moving approximately 22 hours out of the day.
I hear/read people say "husband felt the baby!" And I think, "husband gets kicked if he comes anywhere near the baby!"
We started this game where Slice pokes my stomach to see if he'll get kicked back. He does, oh he does. Pretty much every time, unless baby is sleeping.
I had a real scare Saturday when (amidst 5-min-apart contractions) I didn't feel him for several consecutive hours. A few punches would have been welcome....
which is what I'm trying to remember this morning as my ribs and lungs are being assailed.

Girls (girl's? girls'?) golf season. New team members. Precocious freshmen.
Charming coach.
They are "working really hard" at practice, staying afterward so the Coach can work with them. Last Thursday Slice ate lunch here in the LMC, stayed to type some stuff on my computer, and I watched from the back room as the freshmen girls swarmed him. They chatted, checked out books, returned them, moved to MY SIDE of the desk, etc. When I came out, they scattered.
Saturday we went to see our local Oklahoma! production. We sat in an empty row and -you guessed it!- the three freshmen girls came and sat in the row with us. After intermission they moved CLOSER. To the seat right next to Slice.
I thought it was funny, Slice not so much.

Should I be doing something here?

Like this?


amy morgan said...

Soon he'll run out of room - THAT'S when the kicks get really fun :/ OUCH. However, once he's out of room, they're less frequent!! So, I guess that's the trade off! Gotta love being beaten up from the inside out!!
I LOVE GLEE!! I think you need to borrow our Karaoke machine and set it up by your desk (out of sight, of course) and the next time they swarm - BELT IT, BABY!! Please tape it too, so the rest of us can enjoy ;)

☠ ♬ ❤ said...

You've hit the point where the baby kicks have become very...eventful. It's more worrisome if the baby isn't moving. My gyno told me he''ll be up 20 minutes, and asleep 20 minutes...

And don't necessarily worry if he has quiet days, if I spend a lot of time on my feet, my boy is quiet ALL day (he starts back up with his dance practice in the morning). I tried to sleep one night and I rolled on my side, and he sat there and kicked at the mattress for ages until I gave in and rolled over...

T.R. Morgan said...

Great mashup. Need better singer, though. this dude is such a weenie. Police songs should be sung by Gordon Sumner.