She Grows

29 weeks

He grows too.
I've now gained 20 pounds (I know you wanted to know)
and I've forgotten what a good night's sleep is like.

Also, apparently I need to start taking iron pills.


Miriam said...

You can kiss those good night sleeps goodbye forever. Well, at least maybe 30 years.....nix that..forever!!

Syd said...

If you sleep holding a pillow you'll sleep better. I had to take iron pills when I was pregnant with Tally but not this time. Apparently just because you are anemic during one pregnancy doesn't mean you will be the next. .

☠ ♬ ❤ said...

The iron pills are a bit annoying (sometimes hard to remember). BUT if you've been paler for a no reason, and extra tired, they save you!

Plus 20lbs is nothing, once it's over 30 you start to feel it. And don't ever forget: a lot of it really is just from swelling! And you lose 25lbs when your baby is born!

Good luck!!

Chelsee said...

I'm also on the iron pills as of about 4 weeks ago. If you take them be sure to have some prune juice and lots of extra fruit around. They will back you up... (I'm sure you really wanted to know that).