From One Adventure to the Next

I don't know about you, but I didn't believe Dooce when she got excited about sleeping with a criminal. Not that I would know - haven't slept with one, myself - but I just don't think it would be that great.

Actually, seems like it would be one pain after another.
Having to worry about leaving your rings by the sink, or your quarters on your dresser, or your iPod in your backpack. Petty annoyances like suffocating cologne, an alarm-clock radio blaring all hours of the day/night, having to look decent just for the trip to the bathroom. And what about cig smoke and repeated phone calls from creditors and loaded guns?

Not my idea of fun!


You know what IS my idea of fun?
Before and After pictures!
(It's a universal thing. You love them too.)

Last Friday, Slice and I embarked on our first-ever remodeling project. We are fixing up our bedroom. And since I want you to get more than just BEFORE and AFTER (how do you know what's gone on in between? Sweat, blood, tears; bickering, laughing, decision-making!), I will be posting The Journey.

At the Beginning

Exhibit A: Dark wood paneling (hi, 1970s!) attached straight to the sheetrock. AWESOME. Now we can repair the drywall before doing anything else. I wanted to just paint the paneling, but I got overruled.
B: Paint on top of wallpaper, on top of (thankfully!) paint. At least we don't have to fix the whole wall.
(P.S. That's not me, it's my sister. She was very kind to help us rip down wallpaper.)
C: Lily finds the camera and I show her how cool it is, that you can turn the screen around and see yourself while you take a self-portrait. She likes.
D: Hole in the wall that we found. Caused, obviously, by a large and very heavy object. (Boxing glove, maybe? Jordan?)
E: The current state of our living room.
Just keepin' it real here, folks.

I'll keep you posted.


The Farrers said...

Hooray for makeovers!! Can't wait to see the final product! SO SO SO wish I was there to help!

Bree Anne said...

All I can say is that I'm glad I don't have to do that any more... Or at least until the next house purchase... Hmmm. Have fun!

amy morgan said...

Don't you love how what seems to be a "simple" project snowballs into 18 projects!! Good luck - can't wait to see the final result!!