I pledge to drink more water.

I pledge to eat something other than cold cereal for my next meal. (Honey Bunches of Oats with cinnamon clusters? Yum.)

I pledge to not forget my next voice lesson, requiring me to reschedule right on top of ward temple night.

I pledge to not forget my next ward temple night.

I pledge to remind Slice about his math quiz every Friday. And about his class every Monday and Wednesday. And about his papers due practically every week.

I pledge to post another belly picture - proof of my recent ballooning - sometime. Soon.

I pledge to get rid of all the mismatched socks that have plagued the dresser/bedroom for 20 months. Sometime.

I pledge to sing with Slice more often.

I pledge to do my visiting teaching this month.

I pledge to sleep the whole way to Arizona tonight/tomorrow. To do only what I feel like doing for the next four days. And to not feel guilty about it.

I pledge to surprise my husband on his birthday.
(It's this Saturday.)

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