a slight fever?

So I spent a couple hours in the hospital Saturday.

I've been watching my contractions for a week now, timing and drinking and taking note. Saturday morning, after I had six in an hour while I was lying in bed, I knew it was time to make a phone call. Frequent contractions at 26 weeks is NOT normal.
Less than five minutes apart is dangerous.

I called my Dr. at home (have I told you how great my doctor is?) and he said, "you better go get checked." I called my Mutti, who has seen every pregnancy experience under the sun, and she said, "you do NOT want to be on medicine for preterm labor. It is horrible. You also do not want to have a baby three months early. Do WHATEVER IT TAKES."

She may also have said "I will do your grocery shopping for you" and "We will tie you to the couch if we have to."

Anyway, Slice and I went to the hospital.

Sparing you the -painful!- details, they didn't find anything seriously wrong. I shouldn't go into labor within the next two weeks. And I don't have to be on bedrest. Yet.
"Just take it easy," they told me.
(I know, right?)

But we still don't know why I contract every time I stand up - do you know how many times in a day you have to stand up?! - or bend over, plus frequently when I am sitting or lying down and doing nothing. When I shower they go in rapid-fire succession.
It's really not fun.

P.S. In case you're wondering, this child is wilder than ever. While I was hooked up and the nurse was trying to get a heartbeat, he kicked and punched and moved around. Typical. We could hear the punching on the monitor, so she poked a little and slid the wand all over, trying to catch him.
(I could almost hear him giggling.)
After a few minutes - "Wow, he's active, isn't he?"
"Uh ... wow. We'll, uh ... we'll just leave it at that."


Fig said...

I started getting them at 20 weeks, but no, not quite that frequently. And I didn't start getting them every time I bent over until about 30 weeks.

So, yeah, probably a good idea that you got checked out. I hope everything proceeds without drama from here. You have a spastic uterus to match your spastic baby!

Chelsee said...

I'm sorry that you've been having contractions. I haven't experienced anything yet, (cross my fingers that I don't), but I hope that everything continues to go well for you and that you can keep that baby in there as long as possible.

Cade and Kelsie said...

Glad nothing is seriously wrong hope they stop coming so often good luck!

Tay said...

Yuck. I'm glad that you're not still out running marathons. (I might have smirked while I wrote that)

Let me know if you get bedrested - I'm already getting care package ideas.

Sean would purposely kick whatever invaded 'his' space while in my belly. He's still a little claustrophobic.

Michemily said...

I wish you and your baby all the health in the world!