Dear Will,

You're three today.  Three going on thirteen, really.  You are a very articulate, energetic, strong-willed little person with a memory like an elephant.  You DO NOT forget ANYTHING.  Not even things we WANT you to forget.  Like the toy that broke last week so we threw it away, or that "bad word" Dad said three months ago.  Or that time I fell down the stairs with Emma last year.  It gets exasperating at times.

You're a social bug, and every single day you ask "Can I go to Angie's house?" (Or Grandma's, Teryn's, Jake & Tally's, wherever you want to go that day.)  You like to be out and about, playing with anyone besides boring old mom.  You rarely want to come home.
When you are home, though, you still take great naps.  At least two hours a day!  I love that.  And you like to pester your little sister - favorite game being the one where you call her, then slam the door in her face repeatedly - but you're pretty good about sharing with her too.  She still adores you.

In the last year you started going to preschool occasionally at Angie's house.  You know everything the older kids do, and you LOVED going. You started "reading" books that you have memorized to Emma. You also know several long songs by heart.  You still surprise us every day with how smart and cute and funny you are.  There is never a dull moment around here!
I'm slowly learning to take a step back, to realize that I can't control what you do or say, all I can do is try to teach you the best I can.  You are your own little person and I love watching you grow.
Love you,

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