High School non-Sweethearts

I keep thinking that one of these years I will actually be able to celebrate my anniversary ON my anniversary.
This year was not that year.
Slice has been at girls camp since yesterday and I don't expect him home until the wee hours of tomorrow morning.  So.

Instead I will delight you with the earliest known picture of Slice and me, discovered a few weeks ago in piles of stuff from Slice's mom.  Horrible quality even when it was first printed.

His team brought home silver medals; mine did not fare so well.  We were missing a team member and bombed the orienteering portion of the competition.  Let's just say if we're ever lost and need to use a compass to find our way to safety, Slice will be the one guiding the way.....or we'll die. One of the two.

Five years!


amy morgan said...

I love that we, as married to the Morgan bookends, share the "High School non-Sweethearts" story ;) so great!
If it's any consolation at all, T.R. and I celebrated our 16th last week by going to bishopric meeting, and Anna's softball game, respectively. I then went to ice cream with one of my former Young Women while T.R. packed to go to Woodbadge EARLY the next morning. sigh. Moral of the story... kids often get in the way of anniversary celebrations. Even other people's kids ;)

Linnea said...

This is so awesome.

Jeff and I are "high school non-sweethearts" too - it's the type of thing that when people ask where we met I clarify it right away: "We met in high school. But no, we were not high school sweethearts." so I can head off the gasps of "How cute!" or whatever else people say. :)