Side Jobs

Most exciting things happening here right now: side jobs.

First, Slice was hired on with the Roosevelt City Fire Department, which means he will be attending trainings, meetings, and soon fires.  All Roosevelt firemen are volunteers, but they do get paid for their time.  Slice is mostly excited to help set off fireworks in the summer.  I'm mostly hoping it will curb his pyro appetite.
(Oh, the stories.  Let's just say that we're all lucky we survived high school.)

Second, Slice and I will be taking high school dance pictures next year.  The current photog is done, and wants to sell us his equipment and help us get started.  Apparently he started with dance pictures 17 years ago and took over yearbook pictures after that.  Yearbook pics are a pretty big commitment, we'll see how things are going a year from now.

In unrelated news, MG got her first haircut last week.  She was growing a little rat tail back there.  I cut it off.

Don't worry, I evened it out after that.

Also, I have been trying to decide if eighteen months is my new favorite age, or if MG is just my new favorite person.  This girl is a sheer delight.  She keeps me laughing all day long.  Her communication skills are improving every day (now that I think of it, she learned words in order of importance: bananas, daddy, mama, book, shower, Will, shoes) and so is her manual dexterity.  She loves to draw, on everything, with pen, all the time.  Good thing she's cute.

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