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I get a blog hit almost every day for Dressing Your Truth (yes I still have a site tracker, entirely for my own amusement), and although I don't have much to say that hasn't been said elsewhere, I can at least share my experience.

As a Type 2/4, I have found Dressing Your Truth to be profoundly illuminating.  Even in a culture where my dominant Type is probably venerated more than others, I still struggle with feelings of self-doubt - especially when I'm thrown into social situations. My double-introvert nature means I am thinking and feeling a whole lot more than I am saying, or even writing.  It means I'm constantly trying to make myself and others comfortable.  It means I am the listener 10x more often than I am the speaker. I'm planning and making connections and forming opinions that I might not ever share.  It means I'm NOT putting myself out there, professionally, personally or otherwise.
(Except on my blog, that is. Ha!)
Today I watched this video and was grateful, again, to find that someone else can relate.  That's the beauty of Dressing Your Truth.

My husband is a dominant Type 1, and I'm fairly certain both my children are Type 1s as well. (MG might be a 1/2.)  My little bundles of energy will never wear out before I do.  We have a lot of fun around here!  Also, messes!

Knowing about the four Types gives me a greater perspective in all my relationships.  It has added another dimension to my life, given me understanding regarding the (often frustrating!) behavior of others, including my children.  It has helped me in my shopping and my parenting and my household-running duties.  It's been empowering to me as a person.
And if all that doesn't convince you to check it out, I don't know what will.

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