Aspen Grove 2012

It soundcliché  but is true anyway: some of my happiest childhood memories are from Aspen Grove.

My gradeschool friends can all vouch for this; I've been talking about the place for years.  We started going as a family every other summer when I was but a spring chick.  My dad's sister's family comes too (pretty much our favorite cousins), and it has always been a much-anticipated event.

I missed several years as a college student, newlywed, and young mother, so when I realized we could actually go for the week this time, I did everything possible to make it happen.
Starting February 1st I called the Aspen Grove Office almost daily.  I checked for openings, called family members, sent emails, called the office some more.  I asked everyone to switch to a family lodge so we could come.  Two lodges opened and filled before I could get us in.  Finally it all worked out.  We were booked.

I kept trying to tell Slice how awesome this vacation would be, but he didn't believe me, or really understand.  He made sarcastic comments about BYU Alumni (of which I AM ONE, remember) while I patiently waited for the time to come.

The time came, and went.  And we played until we just couldn't play any more.  We hiked and swam every day and stuffed ourselves every meal, played dodgeball and shuffleboard and ping pong and badminton and volleyball and basketball.  We conquered the ropes course.  We did relay races.  We mini golfed.  We danced.  We played Reverse Charades and laughed until we cried.
We dropped our kids off for 5-6 hours every day.

We didn't use computers or TV for a week.
We didn't sleep.

And not only did Slice buy that little BYU shirt the last night we were there, he also said on the way home, 
"I think we could do that next year......"


Lauran and Dustin said...

This looks like so much fun! I didn't know there was this much to do up at Aspen Grove. And how did you get Slice to wear a great shirt like the blue one in the first picture? Dustin would never put it on, but it looks SO good.

The Farrers said...

I'm so glad that you were able to do this! I absolutely remember you raving about it incessantly throughout our childhood and adolescence - how fun to share the magic and continue the tradition with your kiddos!!

Jean said...

Slice picked that shirt out on his own! Great, isn't it? I think it's Old Navy.

(He wanted me to say something like "back up off my man!" which is totally like him, as you know.)