And the winner is...

...the Birkenstocks.
Here's why.

Yesterday Slice and I went to Lagoon.  I've been wanting to go since 9th Grade Lagoon Day, and let me tell you, that is a long time. (A decade.)  We had an anniversary almost three weeks ago but didn't really celebrate ON our anniversary, because if you recall, that's how we do things around here.

So Sunday night we put the kids to bed before heading out of town.  We slept in Ogden, ate breakfast at Denny's, 
Slice's breakfast of choice
stopped at Costco (diapers), and made our way to Lagoon.  By the time we parked I was as giddy as a schoolgirl.

We did the usual loop: Roller Coaster, Wild Mouse, Colossus, Spider, Wicked.  We watched a guy lose his hat on Wicked, so when we got on, Slice sat on his hat and - no access to pockets - stuck his glasses down his shirt.


When the ride stopped, the glasses were gone.  The $460 Nike glasses that took up two years' worth of vision insurance and then some.  I asked Slice why he even wore glasses in the park, I mean, why would you do that?! You don't need them! I learned years ago not to wear my glasses at Lagoon.

Alas, they were lost, and chiding would not find them.  The ride attendant told us to come back at 3:00, when they stop the ride to do a hat check.  So we left.
Swings, Tidal Wave, chance meeting with Slice's old boss, Rattlesnake Rapids, Jet Star 2, The Rocket and Samurai.  Sky Ride back to Wicked.
Pretty sure I was saying something right then. 
The hat check came and went - no glasses found.  In the meantime, I was feeling old, because I had started to wonder how our bodies even handle amusement parks.
I was feeling it from the start, from that rickety, jerky Roller Coaster (formerly known as White).  My headache ebbed and flowed as the forces whipped around, started and stopped.  At the bottom of the first Colossus loop, I almost blacked out.  It was ridiculous.

Hindsight tells me it was probably a combination of the intense heat, lack of water/food, and hypothyroidism in addition to the thrills which I am unaccustomed to.  Anyway, we were having fun.

We went on the Rapids again (got drenched), then Air Race, Hydro Luge and the Rocket one more time.  Then we walked back to Wicked, trying to decide what to do.  They do two more hat checks at 7 and 10 but we were pretty much done with the park (my fault) and didn't want to sit around and wait.

We left Lagoon around 6:00 and ate at Olive Garden before driving home.  Four years of marriage, and Slice has lost his wedding ring and his super-good-looking, super-expensive glasses.


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Bonnie said...

I am really sorry about the glasses. That sounds kinda miserable, but other than that, your little getaway sounds heavenly! I've got to start taking life lessons from you, Rachel.

To be honest, I think the nights I was in the hospital after having Rafe are the only nights I have EVER spent away from Lydia. I have a problem.