sup, dude*

I guess I need to start blogging in the late hours before I fall asleep, because that's when I do my best writing.
(In my head.)
I've had a ton of post ideas rolling around up there but now that I have a few quiet minutes, they're completely gone.

Instead, I'll tell you what I've been doing lately.

Vernal trip.  Thinking the bounce house opened at 10:00 (because that's what the website SAID), we arrived with over an hour to spare.  So we walked through the dinosaur museum across the road.

Then we got to the bounce house, where Liam didn't want to bounce on anything, because he only wanted to do the things that cost extra money.
fifth time on the carousel...
Then we did a horrible thing and took a Hot-n-Ready pizza to Sonic, where we ordered drinks and ate at the outdoor table.  It was a fantastic meal, not gonna lie.

Friday night we made a quick trip to Heber to collect a playset, which we now call "the slides."
our jungle
Unfortunately Liam doesn't love as much as I thought he would, and I'm not sure what to do about that.  

Killing flowers.  This flower:                                           used to look like this:
Pink flowered New Guinea impatiens

and I am trying to revive it.

Last but not least, we're always playing:

And dancing:

*this is what Liam said to me yesterday.  without prompting.


The Farrers said...

His face in the carousel pic is PRICELESS.

Danielle said...

LOVE YOUR KIDS!!! I just presented you with an award on my blog if you want to go take a look =0)