You guys, it is crazy up in here.

I would tell you all about it - but between the job search (/rejections/perpetual small-town golf course gossip), the sick baby, the elopement(!), the remodeling, the pictures and musical numbers and family drama, I just don't think it would fit.

I mean, I have one brother sneaking in and out of my house at night, another sending all his money to an imaginary girlfriend in New York (now trying to get a passport so he can fly to the Philippines for an imaginary job), and another getting married two weeks from today.

I have three weddings to photograph in the next two weeks, still waiting on some equipment that Slice mis-addressed, because apparently he doesn't know our address yet....
still feeling inadequate, with or without it.

You can't make this stuff up.


Fig said...

Dude. Who eloped?

Jean said...

A former roommate of mine. They're not getting married until Saturday (the date was set for September) so I get to be there and take pictures! I'm so excited.

Fig said...

If I could do it over again, I would absolutely elope. That's the advice I give all engageds.

Linnea said...

Dude, if your equipment doesn't come call me. I will try to help you out. :-) PS - what did you order?

Jean said...

Leia - thankfully it finally came, or I would totally take you up on that. :)
We ordered a flash, a new lens (which ended up being for a Nikon - oops! Slice's fault!), and a fat battery pack. I'm still wanting another (better) camera body, since we only have one, but that will have to wait.