BIG sigh.

Whew!  We've got three weddings under our belts.
(And no money, but let's not talk about that, hmm?)

Last Friday we drove to Utah Valley for a wedding at the Timpanogos temple.  We had a family Easter party in Bountiful Saturday, so we planned to make a weekend of it.  Only ... we thought the wedding reception (which was in PRICE) was that same night.  It wasn't.

So we took the pics, visited friends, shopped and ate and spent the night in American Fork.
Saturday we drove to Bountiful for the family party, to Price for the reception, and back home for Sunday.
Total drive time: 11 hours in 2 days.  Poor Liam.

Sunday I accompanied a musical number in Sacrament Meeting for a missionary report - but when the girl brought me the music, the bottom line was cut off on all four pages.  A quarter of the song was missing!  So I just made up the missing stuff, which was fun.  Then I filled in again as Primary chorister while Slice wrestled the boy.  
(I knew this would happen when I wrote that post.  Karma, you know.)

Monday was filled with wedding preparations, and Tuesday was filled with the wedding.  
Guess what else it was filled with?

Angie's baby!
She was a week overdue and attempting a VBAC without any pain medication.  Of course(!), her water broke in the wee hours of Tuesday morning.  But she still went to the sealing and also, she did it, which pretty much makes her my hero. 


The wedding was wonderful, and the flowers were gorgeous (thanks to the incredibly-talented Amy!), and we had perfect light for taking pictures.  Until it started hailing on us.  Literally.

Don't worry, no one got hurt too badly.

We took pictures at the luncheon and reception, and BOY it was a long day.  I will be posting pictures ad nauseum on the photoblog and our new Facebook Fan Page (become a fan!), so as always, you can find more there. 

You guys are awesome.  Now, back to my recovery ....


Cade and Kelsie said...

The pictures look great! It was fun seeing you guys at the reception.

Chelsee said...

Angie is definitely my hero too. Still went to the sealing? That's amazing!

Linnea said...
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Linnea said...

Sounds hectic!! I want to see more pics. :-) And what is this about no money? Hope that means you've been buying lots of new gear. ;-)

Jean said...

More gear - I wish!! But we spent more on the three weddings than we earned, so .... we kinda ended up on the poor side.