the jobs.

Going on five months of Sugar Momma-ness around here.  That is a post unto itself.

But today I am irritated because apparently, golf professionals are NOT very professional when it comes to business things like "hiring new assistants."  Out of the 20+ resumes we sent out, we got approximately THREE emails of acknowledgement.  Then when Slice called every single place, a healthy majority of them were like, "Oh, that listing is still up? Yeah .... we filled that position last month."
For crying out loud.

I'm thinking that these people post jobs on PGA Links (like they are supposed to) just for show.  Then they hire their best friend's son.

Or maybe that only happens in the Basin?

Point is: we are still in limbo.  An unfortunate position to be in for all planning purposes.
Over and out.

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Dinga said...

Dang. That's all I have to say.