The Health.

The little goblin had a check-up this week, plus shots (boo.) which have made him grouchier and less sleepy than usual.

According to the stats, this kid is in the 50th percentile (or lower) on pretty much everything.


He's like, the jolly green giant!  He weighs 21 lbs!   Everyone we know says "Wow, he's big!" whenever they see him!  How is he barely average?

We are baffled, to say the least.
But whatever.

Also, how do you keep your kids entertained at the Dr's Office?  We had two appointments this week - both during his naptimes - and decent wait times for both.  This is what we did.

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jessicaholtey said...

um yeah they must have put the numbers in wrong, my 2 year old is probably only maybe 20lbs, ha there is no way he is only in the 50%tile! ha